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Associate Professor (A/Prof) Damian Marucci is one of Sydney’s leading plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgeons. Our practice has two convenient locations. A/Prof Marucci consults with patients and performs plastic surgery at The Aesthetic Day Surgery in Kogarah near St. George Hospital, only a 20-minute drive from the CBD. He also consults with patients in Miranda.

A/Prof Marucci and his team offer a range of services to reduce the signs of aging, improve the shape and form of your face and body, and provide reconstruction after cancer, trauma, disease or injury. Our team adheres to the highest standard of care and is dedicated to working with our patients to help them achieve their desired results.

A/Prof Marucci is one of 500 doctors worldwide to receive the RealSelf 500 Award. The Real Self 500 Award honors the top rated and most engaged board-certified aesthetic doctors who consistently demonstrated a commitment to patient education and positive patient outcomes.

In November 2018, he was awarded the title of Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. It is an honour for A/Prof Marucci to teach medical students and junior doctors at the same institution where he completed his own education.

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Meet Associate Professor Damian Marucci

A/Prof Damian Marucci is one of the foremost practitioners of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Sydney. Whether it is the subtlety of anti-wrinkle treatment, the artistry of facial plastic surgery, the technical complexity of reconstructive microsurgery, or the challenge of facial trauma and skin cancer, A/Prof Marucci does it all with care, precision, and an attention to detail that has earned him his reputation for excellence.

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Our Procedures

As our patients have diverse needs, we offer a variety of plastic surgery procedures. Not only do we work with patients who are looking to make cosmetic changes, we also take great pride in the fact that we offer reconstructive surgery for patients who have survived cancer or trauma. We feel this sets our practice apart from other plastic surgery centres – aiming to achieve high quality aesthetic results for all our patients. If you are considering plastic surgery, you may benefit from one or more of the following procedures:

Body Plastic Surgery – A/Prof Marucci’s practice includes body contouring surgery, with treatments for the abdomen, arms, thighs, and breasts. Tightening and lifting various parts of the body may be required after massive weight loss or the usual wear and tear of aging. Some areas of the body seem to become stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise. If you are unhappy with some part of your body, please make an appointment to see A/Prof Marucci to learn whether you could benefit from some of our surgical or non-surgical solutions. We offer:

Facial Plastic SurgeryA/Prof Marucci is a masterful facial plastic surgeon. Our practice offers the full range of surgical and non-surgical techniques to reduce wrinkles and remedy the signs of aging. We offer:

We also offer cosmetic injections for those individuals seeking a non-surgical solution.

Reconstructive SurgerySurviving cancer or a traumatic injury can unfortunately result in physical scars or disfigurement. With reconstructive surgery, we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and restore your appearance. A/Prof Marucci is a highly trained reconstructive surgeon, specialising in the areas of breast reconstruction, head and neck reconstruction, and skin cancer treatment. A/Prof Marucci is also a cranio-maxillofacial surgeon with a special interest in treating patients who have broken facial bones. We offer:

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